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About the RTRA
Constitution and Policies
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Overlander AE


About the RTRA

The Recreational Trailbike Riders Association of WA (RTRA) has been formed to represent your interests as a trail bike rider.

Competitive riders have for many years enjoyed representation through various clubs and through Motorcycling WA. This representation has enabled the sport to attract funding through the Department of Sport and Recreation, Healthways, and other bodies.

Until now, however, recreational riders – those who prefer to just get out and enjoy riding rather than competing in organised activities – have not had an association through which their interests can be effectively represented.

Without this representation we do not have a strong voice in government. And without a strong voice in government we can’t hope to achieve positive change.

Membership is open to anyone who rides a registered or unregistered trail or motocross bike or quad, regardless of age. This is obviously a very broad group, but one of the key objectives of RTRA is to promote recognition of the diversity of machinery and riders, and the need to cater for this diversity.

By joining you will not only help give voice to the call for better facilities for recreational riders, you will have the opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions for enhancing riding opportunities.

In this section:


RTRA has been formed around four key objectives.  More...

History of the RTRA

In 2005 a group called WATARC (the WA Trailriders Access Rights Coalition) was formed to work behind the scenes to raise the profile of recreational trail bike riding, collate research information and contribute to various government studies.  In 2007 this became an Incorporated Association, RTRA.  More...   


Government works by numbers. The more voters enjoy a particular sport or activity the easier it is to get recognition, attention and funding.  RTRA's effort to date has been successful, with recognition of the legitimacy of recreational trail bike riding and its value as a healthy outdoors activity and by successfully challenging the closure of existing off-road vehicle areas.   More...  

Management Committee

The Management Committee is formally elected every 12 months at the Association's Annual General Meeting.  More... 

Constitution and Policies

RTRA is an incorporated not-for-profit association with a Rules of Association.  More ...

Contact Us

You can contact the RTRA is various ways. More...