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Overlander AE


Trail Topics

   Mastering the Backflip!

    Monday, July 16, 2012

Author: George Lowry

For the last month I've been preparing for a comeback to riding after a shoulder injury which has kept me off the bike for two years. I have to say I am indebted to Xbox and the Redlynx team who dreamed up Trials Evolution. This game is awesome fun and it's uncanny how it mirrors the way I behave after a spill - a lot or moaning, groaning and uncontrolled twitching .. you have to see it to appreciate it!. Back to the comeback. I've been working on wheelies, endos, bunnyhops, flips, doubles and even front flips and I don't mind sharing with you I'm pretty good.

It reminds of a speaker I once heard talk about how her 18 year old son Jeff borrowed his Dads brand new SS Commodore one night to go down to the local store to get a video. His father was out of town and his mother on the phone when Jeff passed throught the kitchen picked up the keys to the car and waved to his Mum that he'd be back in 10 minutes. All went well until Jeff was returning home from the video store and had to stop at the local highway traffic lights. As he sat there events began to conspire against him in the form of a WRX pulling up beside him with engine revving. Somehow Jeff instantly knew he had to defend the honor of his father's new car. The lights turned green and it was all on. Jeff sped down the highway at high speed. Just as he was beginning to pull away from WRX he could see travelling in the opposite direction at some speed flashing blue lights. Immediately looking in his rear vision mirror he saw the police car turn around and head in his direction.

At this point Jeff new he was in some trouble. Fortunately, Jeff had a highly evolved brain which he immediately sought counsel from. The brain responded with an obvoius course of action which was to plant the accelerator firmly to the floor. It was now all on. Jeff got off the main road and into the suburbs, turned off the car lights and continued winding his way darting into and out of streets. Several police cars were called in to join the pursuit. After several minutes Jeff finally turned the car into what he thought was a partially hidden driveway. Two minutes later several police cars and uniforms surrounded the car calling Jeff to get out of the car and lie face down next to the car. It turned out Jeff forgot to take his foot off the brake and as the only car in the suburb with tail lights the on and no headlights the police thought it was a pretty safe bet. The police beleiving the car to be stolen treated Jeff as a hardened criminal. To make matters worse (for the parents at least) the arrest was watched by the owners of the house whose driveway Jeff and several police cars were in on and who also just happened to be Jeff's father's boss. Yes they had recognised car.

Sometime later Jeff's mother arrived at the police station. She asked him what could he possibly have been thinking to do such a stupid thing. Jeff couldn't only respond by saying the whole episode was straight out of his favourite video game Grand Theft Auto and that he must have thought in that moment of enlightenment that that he had outrun the police hundreds if not thousands of times before in the game it should be a piece of cake to do it for real.

So why am I telling you about this? Well if you see some 40+ rider doing back flips on the trails you will know it is the combination of a highly evolved intellect and Trails Evolution!!