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Trail Topics

   What Does It Matter?

    Monday, October 29, 2012

Author: David Bylund

I got to thinking the other day about the various bikes that I have owned over the years. Ride number one was a 50cc Honda Gorilla. I was about 6 years old and my Dad had bought my sister and I this little bike to zoom around on in our back yard. One of my first memories the little beast was being flung of the back while being dinked by my sister after she ran over an old stump.

Since then I have owned a myriad of bikes ranging from a RM80 to an XL125, an XR200, XR250, XL500, WR400 and ECX250F. Now, apart my previously blogged interest in offroad electric bikes, I actually own a rather humble, and some would say daggy, Honda CH250, better known as a Honda Spacey. Now that bike’s a ride!! 

I can just hear you laughing to yourself at the thought of me zooming around on it. You're probably thinking of it in the context of your enduro weapon sitting in the shed. You may even be feeling smug about owning a big thumper and, that no self respecting rider would ever be seen on such a pithy thing as a scooter! Don’t worry if you are. I have thought the same thing about such a lowly ranked putt-putt machines in days gone by myself.

The question is, does it really matter what you ride?

Some would say that we live in a society that is fueled by marketing and an all powerful consumerist manifesto insisting that we must all own the ‘latest and greatest’. Does this condition prevent us from finding a fulfilling riding experience even if we ride a bike that is looked down on by others just because its now longer hot off the press?  

By all means, ride the bike of your dreams if that is what it takes. I would suggest that it's more about the old adage that says: ‘It is not so much about what you ride, but how you ride it’.

PS.  For the record, the Spacey is currently undergoing a transformation and is soon to be reborn as chopped cafe racer/street fighter!