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Trail Topics

   Who owns the Problem?

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Author: Tadhg MacCarthy

I am in the unique position (for me) of working for a company that believes in the mantra "people are our greatest asset". Now it's not all tree hugging and trippy dippy - but it is driven from a desire to make the best product, give great service to customers and contribute to the greater community. Money is not the driving force; if you focus on the rest - the money will come. I'm sure this is unique for a lot of people.

The company is built on a set of values - the core of which is personal responsibility. If you're not prepared to buy into those values - then that's fine - just go and work somewhere else.

Now we're all guilty of lapsing at times and recently our MD challenged us with:

"It is my view we still have people in our culture that ask what “they” (the company, the country, god, the universe) can do for me not what I am going to do about this problem. "

Ok so what does this have to do with the RTRA?

Well translate the "they" in the quote above to the "the RTRA, the government, DEC, motorcycle dealers, the rain gods".

The RTRA is the voice of riders.  The government, DEC and the rest are listening (well maybe not the rain gods!) - thanks to the tireless work and relentless focus of Steve & Val Pretzel.

The fact that you're still reading this - means you are engaged as a rider.

Can you get other riders to join the RTRA to add volume to the voice?

Can you do something for the RTRA to ensure a bright future for trailriding in WA?

Buy your slack riding mate a membership for Chrissie ... see for more ideas.

You can make a difference...